Kanazawa is a region rich in ingredients.

There are also many types of fresh seafood, local rice, vegetables and sake.

The Omicho Market, which handles these ingredients, is located behind our ryokan.

Our meals are not gorgeous,however we have put our hearts into making our meals.

We hope you’ll enjoy ! 



Dinner is mainly fish and shellfish, include Sashimi, grilled fish, snow crab and other small dishes.


If you have any food allergies or request Vegetarian food please contact us in advance.


Dining time 18:00〜19:00

Dining venue  at room or at the dining room


Dinner is not served on Sundays and Wednesdays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We can provide Japanese style breakfast or Westren style one. Japanese style is traditional Japanese food, simmered dishes, egg, grilled fish, miso soup.


Western style breakfast include toast, cereal, egg, yogurt, milk, orange juice and fruit. 

If you prefer western style breakfast, please tell us in advance.

After eating a hearty breakfast, have a fulfilling day.


Dining time 7:00〜9:00 (check out time 10:00)

Dining venue at the dining room